Communication with Nidus by wireless.

Supports communication on bandwidths 433/868/915 MHz.

Supports temperature, humidity and CO2 sensors.

Supports 2 Digital Inputs.

Digital display shows the value of the last reading.

Temperature can be displayed in different units: Celsius, Fahrenheit or Kelvin.

Long-life battery (around 4 years).

Wall/table mount support included.


Pharmacies: Monitoring and recording of the environmental conditions of medical supplies storage.

Bakeries, freezing facilities: Monitoring of the environmental conditions in production time periods and storage areas, HACCP reports compatability.

Storage: Monitoring of temperatures, humidity and other environmental conditions. HACCP reports compatability.

SCADA System: Support for external sensors and different systems (eg Modbus, RTU/ASCII, Bacnet, KNX, Profinet etc).

Data centers: Monitoring in Rack systems; remote control; temperature, humidity and other environmental conditions; SNMP environment monitoring; Infrastructure monitoring.

HVAC System: Monitoring of system parameters, record of temperature and humidity.

Air-Conditioning: Water leaks detection; automatic control of the temperature; IT areas control; Data Center areas control.

UPS / Power Generator: Monitoring and automatic boot, temperature control and battery / fuel levels.

IP Security System: Surveillance IP system; Devices status; Control access; Automatic backups; Redundancy and High Availability .



Kea Tracker

Communication with the SensLIVE portal via the mobile app

Application with supports for multiple Kea Trackers at the same time

Capacity for 3500 Internal Records

Sensors of Temperature, Humidity, Atmospheric Pressure, Battery Level and GPS

Real-time values ​​in application

Communicate with the app via Bluetooth

Support for setting the time zone of records

Long-life battery

Kea Tracker

Temperature: Supports readings in the range of -40°C to 85°C

Humidity: Supports readings ranging from 0% to 95%

Atmospheric Pressure: Supports readings between 300 to 1100 hPa

Battery: Ability to monitor battery status via portal

GPS (optional): The ability to send smartphone coordinates along with the values received from the sensor. Option can be activated/deactivated by the user.