A system to ensure food safety


  Supervises the different areas of the restaurant as temperatures and humidity of the arks, product and environment confection, guaranteeing the quality of the products
Food Processing

  Monitor the ideal conditions of confection and storage of the products guaranteeing the best conditions and quality.


  Control from temperatures, humidity, ready-made products to foods, simply and quickly.
Ice Cream Shops

  Monitor 24/7 refrigerators arks and receive instant alerts on temperature change, reducing the product breaks.

Software & Hardware

Software in the Cloud where can be seen the data, create alerts,...export reports and manage auto reports.

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Network device where sensors are connected. Support Wireless Sensors

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Airo OW

    Wireless temperature Sensor.Include display with realt time value

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TH3 Conductivity

    Wired Soil conductivity Sensor

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    Wired temperatur Sensor

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