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About us

CapTemp is a Portuguese company, specializing in the development of monitoring systems and remote control solutions.

We are certified pioneers of legal metrology software, according to the "WELMEC 7.2 version 5" guide, for monitoring temperatures, in compliance with the ordinance 1129/1 October 2009 (EU).

Data stored on the computer is protected against manipulation and maintains metrological value. All systems are classified with accuracy class 1, according to NP EN 12830.


The CapTemp SQL software is certified according to the "Guide WELMEC 7.2 version 5", for monitoring the temperature, in compliance with the Ordinance 1129 of 1 October 2009.

We are the first company with a fully certified system (Software and Hardware) and we have received "Approved Model" certifications by Portuguese Institute of Quality (IPQ).

"We provide and install monitoring systems (IP sensors) that can interact with other existing systems using the same communication structures. "


Captemp, Lda along with the American company CARBON CAPITAL CORP, founded CapTemp USA, LLC, based in New Hampshire.

This partnership aims at two main goals:

  • Introduce in the US market technologies developed by CapTemp, Lda.
  • Management, disclosure and creation of a global distributors network.

Thus, CapTemp, Lda, will continue the development and search for new solutions that satisfy our customers.

Following that, we are pleased to announce the new company "CapTemp Australia", developing, marketing and expanding, this technology throughout the Australian and New Zealand Market.

Quality Policy

CapTemp implemented a Quality Management System, according to standard NP EN ISO 9001:2015, CapTemp has in progress a Quality Certification process which will be completed in the second quarter of 2017.

To accomplish that, the whole team is focused on continuous improvement of the achieved results, fulfilling the following guidelines:

  • Meet the requirements of clients and interested parties, statutory and regulatory parts applicable to the activity of CapTemp.
  • Supporting the customer through effective and qualified pre and post sale.
  • Privileged partnership relations with suppliers and customers in order to jointly optimize all processes and systems supplied.
  • Communicate the Quality Policy to all clients and interested parties.
  • Establish a standard of quality control for our services aimed at innovation and development of computer applications in the areas of monitoring and supervision, developed to the specific needs of each client.
  • Monitor the goals of the processes in order to ensure the continuous improvement of the services provided by the organization.
  • Continuous researching of the best way to optimize the internal processes of CapTemp.

We believe that the Quality Policy transcends a core role in the definition and implementation of the organization's goals.

The relationship with suppliers is one of the major pillars for the success presently enjoyed by CapTemp, and its evaluation process in relationship between the organization with clients and interested parties.

Our suppliers must all undergo a rigid quality control and testing period of all equipment furnished to CapTemp meeting the highest level of requirements.

With the performance evaluation of its suppliers, CapTemp allows them to evolve and respond to the requested degree of demand.

Personal Data Treatment Policy