CapTemp Software

"CapTemp" is a "SCADA" (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) software for monitoring a wide array of sensors and digital inputs. The application is end-user oriented providing a user-friendly graphical interface.

The data acquisition is presented to the user in form of graphs, area/warehouse plan or photos. The data is stored in a database and is available through the "MonTemp" module or Web portal. The user can fetch the data with any kind of filters and the results are presented in diverse formats such as graphs, tables or widgets.


Pack of CapTemp-SQL software and Poseidon 2250. Up to 34 sensors.
Pack of CapTemp-SQL software v4.0.0 and HWg-STE. Up to 2 sensors.
Pack of CapTemp-SQL software, iBUTTON DS1921, reader cable and USB adapter.